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Teihaku + ThinQ

We're a business intelligence consulting agency based in Hawaii and take pride in providing a wide gamut of business and technology-based services.
Leveraging a type of bootstrap approach, in which we simulate a time series's behavior using a model (ANKR). THINQ specialize in monitoring the latest trends in disruptive media and technology to render maximum clarity + brevity from data-driven extrapolations to forecasting creative solutions to our clients and their markets.

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Advocating For Creative Communities and Start-up Entrepreneurs Since [2019]

Headquartered in Oahu, Hawaii, anchored into Honolulu's disruptive NERVCORE "Creative District," TeiHQ! Security applies at every phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) Creating a secure SDLC process requires dedicated effort at each stage. Our methodology specializes in intellectual property, from Idealization (the seed of a hypothesis) to Rapid Prototyping (rapid-development exploration) to fasten the product or service in its early stage of incubation.

Whether you're a musician, designer, engineer, or owner of a small business, we're not only going to safeguard what you're creating, and we're going to assist it is flourishing in the globe as well—Anchoring Creative Idealization through Rapid-Development Technology. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. We will support your creative endeavors by providing you with the necessary tools and resources to achieve your milestones.

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Areas of Practice

We are at the core of modern technology and media and have monitored their growth to inform our legal methods — Business Intelligence operations play a critical role in the business development process. The real challenge that organizations are facing is how to get accurate information in real-time.

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    The world of music is continuously increasing and changing, and sound trends are not just being discussed but are similar. The chance for profit is growing with the continuous implementation of variable income streams and distribution channels, but so is the complexity. Business consultants, this is where we're coming in.

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    Television, Film, & Theater

    There is constant flux in the manner individuals consume entertainment, so the regulations need to adapt rapidly. Teihaku seeks to anticipate these changes so that you can concentrate more on generating lifetime efficiency.

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    Digital Media & Technology

    The internet, software, and technology are so omnipresent that we can not remember having lived without them. They make our lives easier, but behind the curtain are fluctuating protection and monetization challenges — challenges that our company's challenges are two steps ahead of.

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    Privacy and Cybersecurity

    Demystifying the law of cybersecurity is a creative exercise in itself. It needs sophistication, strategic structuring, and empathy in many respects. Privacy and its value are profoundly personal at the end of the day. That's why we recommend a risk assessment or a vulnerability before entering or closing business deals.

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    Business Strategy

    The start-up and small business marketplace is still a fresh and fierce frontier that needs security and business advice from professionals deeply entrenched in venture financing characteristics. Our business provides you a holistic strategy to get the most significant competitive advantage from your company.

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    Design, Fashion, Apparel, & Textile Guidelines

    The guideline of design is a bit like the Wild West. There is a lot of potentials, but at best, the rules may seem cumbersome and vague. Protecting a mark or even a single design includes intellectual property, copyrights, marks, and patents.

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